About Phil

June 2013, I retired from RR Donnelley, one of America’s great, historic, family-founded companies. After 41 wonderful years in the direct marketing field, I am enjoying the break. Still, there remains the satisfaction of knowing that you get letters when you write them, and if you add a few zeros to that, it is a very successful business model.

People who read this blog enjoy a different point of view about direct marketing media and the continuing surprises in life’s mail box.


3 thoughts on “About Phil

  1. It’s a sign of my diminished state that I accidentally let WordPress send the announcement out broadly. I didn’t mean to clutter everyone’s mailbox, especially with a mysterious announcement about a post they couldn’t access. It’s mostly just notes for the postop and the morbidly curious, and to make sure I don’t do a Rush Limbaugh with the drugs.

    Anyway, the password is “hernia”. It’s OK to share it with anyone, though I doubt that it’s of broad interest!



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