About Phil

June 2013, I retired from RR Donnelley, one of America’s great, historic, family-founded companies. After 41 wonderful years in the direct marketing field, I am enjoying the break. Still, there remains the satisfaction of knowing that you get letters when you write them, and if you add a few zeros to that, it is a very successful business model.

Nowadays, I write to amuse and awaken.

In addition to this blog, I have published a three books, which is a lot easier today than in the past.  Write me for hard copies, or you can order by clicking the links below.

Roarg: A Dragon’s Quest

Crick, Honor, Willow and Sage are hunters in the village of  Juniper, just off of the Arbor Woods.  They encounter a dragon who has wandered far from home in pursuit of Magu an evil monster.   The chase is  an urgent matter of life and death, not only for the hunters, but for their village, as Magu extracts a hefty price for satisfaction.     At 90 pages, Roarg is a perfect chapter book, a page turner for readers aged 7-11 years.

Many Happy Returns — Rules, Reckonings and Tales Told From The Mailbox

Revealing stories from a direct mail playbook: strategy , creation, and production of direct mail that delivers outstanding results. Browse through more than 140 stories, discoveries and observations of direct marketing success, and blunders.  Here you will find direct mail math revealed, strategies to live by, and memorable disasters and triumphs that underline the intricate mechanics of direct marketing.  Laced with humor and sober advice, Many Happy Returns is a primer for some, and a reminder for those who have seen it all, and then some.  180 pages.

Norfolk Chronicles – A Treasury of Vignettes, Tales and Sightings

Norfolk Chronicles is my personal memoir of growing up in the country, and enjoying the benefits and adventures of living in a small town. It is sweet, raucous, rank and revealing, all along sharing fifty stories, tales sightings and vignettes that make you smile at any page. One reader commented, “A perfect summer time, winter time, anytime read. It will either carry you back to a time that’s gone or introduce you to an era you’ll be sorry you missed.”

I hope you like what you read! 183 pages.

One thought on “About Phil

  1. Larry Brinker says:

    Phil, I enjoyed you tobacco article. I grew up on a tobacco farm in Princeton, and have reletives in and around Norfolk county. I am writing an article, well editing one I wrote a few years ago, for the Harley Museum. I am missing a picture of the jack planter and a horse pulling a boat, my I copy yours.


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